Why Keep Your Bankruptcy Lawyer A Secret?

Bankruptcy Lawyer Secret

If you had good experience with a restaurant, hairdresser, pastor, CPA or other professional, you would be likely to talk about that person and refer friends and family to that person. In the case of a bankruptcy lawyer, most people keep that information to themselves out of a fear of being viewed as a failure. Unfortunately, this leads to many individuals finding their own bankruptcy attorney without the benefit of a word-of-mouth referral. This is dangerous to the person seeking an attorney and disadvantageous to the reputable attorney who should be attracting those potential clients.

Refer Without Revealing That You Filed

If you had a good experience with a bankruptcy attorney, then you are likely going to keep it to yourself and take it to your grave. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to somehow let your friends, family, coworkers, churchgoers and other people in your life that you care about know that there’s a good source out there for bankruptcy help? Well there are in fact ways to make others aware of a quality bankruptcy attorney without admitting or declaring that you had previously filed through that bankruptcy lawyer. For example, if you know somebody who is struggling financially and is on the brink of a bankruptcy, you can simply mention that you are aware of a particular bankruptcy attorney without indicating whether or not you used that attorney. You could also pass along a name and number stating that you received that name and number from another person. The point is to help those individuals that you care about by referring them to a quality attorney. If you do not want to disclose that you had previously filed, there are ways to creatively get around that fact.

People At Risk

The problem with keeping a good referral source quiet is that you are putting the people you care about at risk when they go searching for their own bankruptcy attorney. They run the risk of being overcharged and underserved. There are law firms out there that will charge nearly double what the typical rate is for a chapter 7 bankruptcy in Chicago. You have other firms that will sign you up at a low initial fee and then will not communicate with you effectively. You will never be able to reach the same lawyer that you met with. You will never be able to talk to that same lawyer that you originally spoke to. You will never see that lawyer again because that lawyer may not handle the actual court hearings. For these reasons and more, if you have found a quality bankruptcy lawyer, don’t keep it a secret. Find a creative way to pass along the information to the people that you care about who are struggling financially. The only thing worse than struggling financially and having to go through a legal proceeding to eliminate your debt, is to have the process exasperated by poor legal counsel. The case can be dismissed. The person’s assets can be administered for creditors if not protected. The person may be overcharged and not well represented.

Find A Way To Refer

Thus, in closing, if you have found a great bankruptcy lawyer who handled your case tremendously, find a way to let the ones you care about know about that attorney. You don’t have to admit that you filed. The attorney will never share information about another client who filed. You simply want the people that you care about to see an attorney who can really help them. Let’s not keep your good referral source a secret.

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