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Do You Need A Bankruptcy Attorney?

Since bankruptcy has become very complex, it is not recommended that someone file without an attorney (pro se).  Most attorneys will be willing to work under a reasonable payment plan.  Attorneys practicing bankruptcy law on a daily basis are well aware of what needs to be done to have a successful case.  Without the right attorney, you may lose property that otherwise could have been protected.  Having competent legal advice and guidance through the process is your best hope for a smooth case.  When seeking help, make sure that the attorney that you hire is experienced in bankruptcy matters and can provide references.


Finding a Bankruptcy Attorney

How can one find a reliable and knowledgeable lawyer to represent their case? Start by asking family or friends for references or search the internet for the “best bankruptcy attorney near me” and prepare a list. Refine your search with these considerations in mind:


While a paralegal might put the petition together via data entry, the law mandates that a lawyer review and stand behind the work. Thus, it is crucial to look for someone who understands bankruptcy law thoroughly and has a proven track record.


Before retaining a Chicago bankruptcy attorney, review their public standing. Learn about the cases they have been successful with, check their reviews, and get a better picture of how they practice and who they are.


Your bankruptcy attorney must be licensed.  You can check with the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission to ensure that the license is in good standing and that there are no outstanding complaints against the lawyer.


Ideally, a reputable, licensed and experienced bankruptcy lawyer will provide a free consultation before accepting the case. You should make sure that all of your questions are answered to your satisfaction.

Payment Options

During the initial consultation, the bankruptcy lawyer will outline the costs when filing for bankruptcy. The Court filing fees are subject to change.  At the time of this writing, the Chapter 7 filing fee is $338.00 and the Chapter 13 filing fee is $313.00.  The attorney fees will depend upon the type of case and/or the complexity of the legal work needed.


The Right Time to File For Bankruptcy in Illinois

Everyone has a different time frame for filing.  Some people get ahead of major problems.  Others wait until court action or a wage garnishment hits.  The best advice is to seek legal advice immediately upon sensing that there is a debt problem.  An experienced attorney can advise you as to the right time to file.  Hiring an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Illinois can adequately determine your position.


David M. Siegel & Associates Can Help!

Choosing the right bankruptcy lawyer for a free initial consultation is the first step towards a debt-free future. David M. Siegel & Associates is one of the most reputable and trusted bankruptcy law firms in Illinois. The team is well equipped to handle Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases throughout Chicago and its suburbs. Speak to a qualified bankruptcy lawyer today. Call David M. Siegel & Associates at (773) 276-6969  or (847) 520-8100 to get the help that you need.

About The Neighborhood

The Beverly neighborhood is located on the southwestern edge of Chicago.  Beverly, previously known as Blue Island, is one of the most ethnically and racially diverse neighborhoods in Chicago.  This neighborhood has a reputation as one of Chicago’s most economically stable middle-class neighborhoods.  The Southside Irish Parade goes right through the heart of Beverly and is one of the biggest events in Chicago every year.  The Rotary club was founded in Beverly.  The mansion of the founder of Walgreen’s is also located in Beverly.

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