Why Do I Like Being A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney?

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney And Saving Property

Being a Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney puts me in a unique situation.  It allows me to help somebody either save a home from foreclosure or save a vehicle from repossession or otherwise reorganize unsecured and secured debt over a period of 3 to 5 years.  When people come to see me for Chapter 13, they are either in the process of losing property that they wish to keep or they are being sued, harassed, garnished or otherwise involved with a creditor who is making their life miserable.  Clients really don’t know that there’s a solution out there.  And they certainly don’t know about the 3 to 5 year payment plan under Chapter 13.  They really don’t know that we can most likely save their home provided they have the income to make their regular mortgage payment once again on time and put a little bit away towards the Chapter 13 trustee who will repay the arrearage portion over the next 3 to 5 years.

Save A Home

What a great feeling to be able to tell somebody “hey, you are going to be able to keep your home.”  Even though the mortgage company right now will not talk with you, they won’t work with you, they won’t accept a payment plan with you, I have a way through Chapter 13 show you how we are going to force them to accept your regular payment on time once again and we are going to pay the part that you fell behind over the next 3 to 5 years to allow you to catch up back into good standing.

Save A Car

What a relief to tell somebody that you are not going to lose that car simply because you can’t make the high payment that you signed up for; not realizing it was too high for you at the time.  We are going to repay the debt owed on your vehicle over the next 3 to 5 years and often times were going to pay back less than what you totally owe.  These are great things that I can say to a client that will truly help them and change their lives.

Put An End To Stress

Many people have families and they are worried about where they are going to live and how fast they are going to be put out of their house and when are the Sheriff’s going to come and what foreclosure really means.  I can end all of that stress by advising a Chapter 13 repayment.  The same is true with the vehicle.  People are worried, am I going to wake up one morning and my vehicle is not going to be there.  Am I going to work and when I come out of work at the end of the day, is my vehicle going to be gone?  Are they going to come after me for a deficiency?  How am I going to get to work? Will I ever be able to get another car?  These are fears that clients have and I can assure them if they have the right amount of income in the right amount of discipline that under Chapter 13, they can take control of how they repay their debts over time.

So being a Chapter 13 attorney puts me in a unique position where I can help people keep significant assets like houses and vehicles and allow them to repay all other debt over a three to five-year period.  There are not many areas of the law were someone could come to you for a service and you can actually change or amend what they owe, how much they owe and how they pay it.  So at the end of the process, once I have saved a home, once I have saved a vehicle and once I have stopped all kinds of creditor harassment, the client is extremely thrilled with the services that I’ve provided and with bankruptcy in general.  Because of these two reasons, being a Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney is an extremely rewarding job.




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