What Do Clients Experience After Filing Bankruptcy?

Positive Experience After Filing Bankruptcy

The overwhelming majority of my clients who go through filing bankruptcy through my office find it to be a very positive and rewarding experience.  They get to start over again financially.  They are allowed to obtain credit immediately after filing and that might take the place of a credit card or vehicle or even a mortgage.  They get the sense of relief that they no longer owe a particular creditor and that that creditor cannot seek them anytime in the future to collect on that debt.  They realize that they have made a misstep.  Sometimes it’s self-inflicted, such as overspending on credit cards and sometimes it’s not self-inflicted such as illness, injury, divorce or job loss.  They are relieved that whatever the cause, they have now found a way out and they are back on their feet.  They are back functioning properly in society.  They become better parents.  They become better spouses.  They become better members of their church or organizations.  They are able to contribute to society by purchasing products and utilizing services.

Should Have Filed Bankruptcy Sooner?

So the stress that was hanging over their head prior to the bankruptcy has been eliminated.  They are no doubt sleeping better.  They are no doubt eating better.  And they no doubt have a sense of relief and a sense of appreciation that they have found a way out of a very difficult situation through the help of an attorney and through the help of the United States Bankruptcy Code.

Most of my clients say they wished they would have done it sooner.  They struggled for too long before they came to see me.  They did things they didn’t have to do like liquidating their retirement.  They made mistakes by borrowing money from family.  So most clients are relieved, they are rewarded, they are grateful not only to the law firm but to the process in general.  Grateful to this country that put bankruptcy in the Constitution to allow those who are struggling financially a fresh start at some point; to allow those that are falling behind on their mortgage away to catch up; to allow those that are about to lose their mode of transportation a way to repay.  That is why being a bankruptcy attorney is a very rewarding job.  It’s one of the few areas of the law that once the case concludes, the client is actually pleased with everything that happened.  Some clients are even pleased that they get to take a two-hour financial management class.  For many clients, it’s the first time they ever were introduced to that material.  For many clients, they feel they will never fall back into debt because of the lessons they learned through the process and the education they got it the very end.  So most clients find themselves in a very tremendous position after filing and they are grateful and relieved and excited about putting this Chapter behind them and starting fresh.



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