Choosing The Right Bankruptcy Attorney In Illinois

When you are struggling with your bills and in need of a bankruptcy attorney, where do you turn first?  For most people, they will search the internet to gather information.  There is a wealth of information available regarding the different Chapters under the bankruptcy code as well as a plethora of attorneys ready, willing and able to take your case.  The problem lies in just which attorney is suited for you and your particular case.  Is your case extremely complicated that would require a seasoned, well-experienced attorney?  Is your case a typical, simple Chapter 7 that should go off without a hitch?  How do you make a decision on which attorney to hire?

My advice to anyone seeking an attorney for bankruptcy or any other area of the law is to make certain that the attorney that you are seeking has the requisite knowledge, experience and skill to handle your case with ease.  I would interview three or four attorneys over the telephone before making an office visit.  You can learn so much from a short telephone conversation.  Was the attorney helpful?  Was the attorney kind?  Did the attorney answer all of your questions with easy to understand answers?  Was the attorney forthcoming with advice?  If the answer to all of the above is yes, then I would set an initial, face to face consultation to see in person what the attorney and his staff is all about.

Do not jump toward the first attorney that you find or one that is simply the least expensive.  There is always a range for whatever service or product you desire.  Although price can be a factor, it should not be a significant factor in selecting an attorney.  The least expensive attorney may not be well suited to handle your case nor may the highest priced bankruptcy attorney.  You should make sure, however, that the fees are within the range of what the average attorney in your local area charges.  That figure is easy enough to obtain by simply making a dozen telephone calls to local attorneys in your area of need.

You should also seek referral information from the attorney. For example, can the attorney point you in the direction of others that have been helped by the firm?  Has the attorney been recognized by his peers or featured in any trade publication or news articles?  Is this attorney a member of any bankruptcy related group or organization such as the American Bankruptcy Institute or the National Associations of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys?  Most importantly,   do you get the sense or feeling that the attorney and his staff are the right firm for your personality and your needs?  This is something that you should begin to feel after your initial telephone conversation followed by your first office visit.

I personally like to treat everyone that calls and everyone that comes into my office with the respect and kindness that they deserve and need.  Bankruptcy is a difficult time emotionally for most of my clients.  I like to assure them that things will get better.  There is life after bankruptcy.  There will be offers for credit.  There will be opportunities to buy homes and cars relatively shortly after filing.  I have a book that I give to all prospects and clients which describes the bankruptcy process in easy to understand terms.  I want my clients to feel comfortable with the process.  Many bankruptcy lawyers could care less about the client.  Some bankruptcy attorneys are only concerned about the number of Chapter 7 cases that they filed.  They probably won’t remember your face once your case is over.  At my law firm, we are completed committed to extreme customer service.  You will always feel that the firm has your best interests at heart.  That is because we really do care about getting you out of debt with compassion and care.

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