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I Suggest A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy To Solve The Debt

This is the case of Brian and Lori Shearing who reside in Plainfield, Illinois, Will County, Illinois.  They were in my office today to discuss the possibility of a Chapter 7 fresh start.  Let’s go through the particulars of their case. They had a prior Chapter 13 back almost 20 years ago.  So they are eligible from the standpoint for either Chapter.  They have a single-family home in Plainfield with an approximate value of $165,000.  They owe $165,000 to their first mortgage company Green Tree and they have a second mortgage through Great Lakes Credit Union of approximately $60,000.  They currently are in the process of doing a short sale so if they can eliminate that debt, they don’t + Read More

Bankruptcy Filing Software To Aid In Determining Chapter 7 or Chapter 13

This is the case of Duane Comersky who comes to me for a bankruptcy consultation.  Duane is currently residing on Laura Lai Street in Zion, Illinois, Lake County Illinois.  Duane has never filed for bankruptcy before; this is his first consultation with an attorney.  He does not own any real estate.  He is currently living with his uncle and paying rent, he is on a month to month lease.  In terms of assets, he has a 2007 Dodge Magnum which is financed through Baxter Credit Union.  He owes approximately $5400 to pay off the vehicle, he pays $450 per month and the vehicle is worth a little bit more than $5400 on the market. In terms of property and assets, he has a checking and savings + Read More

Debt – Is Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Better?

This is the case of Amy Jackson who resides in Chicago, Illinois who was visiting me for a consultation on debt relief.  Ms. Jackson filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy more than 10 years ago so she is eligible to file once again.  She does not own any real estate.  She is currently renting.  No formal lease but she is paying $900 a month for rent.  She has no vehicle in her name and she is not using a vehicle. In terms of personal property and assets, she has a checking and savings account at Citibank with an approximate amount on account between the two accounts of $400.  Her security deposit is $900 per month.  Her household goods which includes her TV, her furniture and her other minor + Read More

Eliminate The Credit Card Debt Through Bankruptcy Filing

This is the case of Ms. Corey Felton who was in my office to see me about debt relief whether it be Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.  Corey resides on Waverly Place in Joliet, Illinois which is Will County, Illinois.  She filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy back in 2001 so it’s been more than eight years.  She is able to file another bankruptcy case if she so chooses.  She does not own any real estate.  She is currently renting.  Her landlord has got her under a month to month lease.  She does not have a vehicle in her name.  She is using a vehicle that is currently in her father’s name so she has no equity in that vehicle.  In terms of personal property, she has a checking account at TCF Bank and she + Read More